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Even as remote key fobs become more common, keeping a manual car key as a backup is always a good idea. It may feel tedious to use, but it’s better than being locked out of your car with no way to get back inside it. Of course, whether it uses a remote fob or a hidden manual lock, your car is vulnerable to being stolen or broken into wherever you go. 

However, changing your car locks sounds like a huge pain, and you need a way to travel as needed. The solution? Rekeying car locks. Keep reading to learn all about rekeying car locks. 

What Does Rekeying Car Locks Involve? 

In simple terms, rekeying a lock involves changing out the pins in a lock cylinder and refamiliarizing it with a new key. It saves a lot of time and labor that would otherwise require changing the locks entirely. Unlike traditional door locks, the process of rekeying car locks involves some notable differences. For example, depending on the make and model of your car, you may not be able to remove the lock component entirely. Checking your vehicle’s user manual will inform how you approach the rekeying process. 

When And Why Is Rekeying Car Locks Necessary? 

There are plenty of reasons why rekeying car locks can be necessary. Here are just a few examples of situations that require this service. 

1. Misplaced Or Stolen Car Keys

One of the more common reasons you might consider rekeying car locks is that your keys are either misplaced or stolen. You may have also given a spare key to someone else, only to lose track of said spare key. It’s also possible that someone you no longer trust has a copy of your car key, and you need to cut off their access to it as soon as possible. If your car keys were misplaced or stolen and you cannot track them down, start rekeying your car locks. 

2. Someone Broke Into Your Car

The thought of someone breaking into your car is scary, but it could happen. Even if someone fails to steal your car, if anyone is able to breach its security and get inside, that’s reason enough to rekey your car lock. Rekeying car locks will reduce the chances of such an incident repeating itself in the future. 

3. Enhance Your Car’s Security

If there’s been a notable rise in vehicle theft in your area, you’ll need to reconsider the current state of your car’s security. One way to enhance its security is by rekeying the car locks. This preemptive measure can only protect your vehicle and anything you keep inside it. 

4. You Purchased A Used Car 

Whether you’re getting a starter car for your teenager or just want to save money on your next vehicle, used cars can be reasonable investments. That said, to ensure the car is only accessible to its current owners, you’ll want to rekey its locks as soon as you get the chance. 

rekeying car locks used car

Where To Find Car Lock Rekeying Services? 

When it comes to rekeying car locks, there is one more question to answer: do you go to a dealership or a locksmith for this service? While you might easily assume that a dealership or auto repair shop would provide these services, your best bet is to actually find a locksmith service that works with vehicles. Unlike a dealership or auto shop, a locksmith can come to you, and you won’t be as likely to encounter a long wait time. 

Our Locksmiths Will Rekey Your Car Locks!

Now that you know what the process of rekeying car locks involves, why you should seek this service, and who to turn to, you’ll know exactly what to do if you ever need your car locks rekeyed. If you live in Tallahassee, Florida, you have the luck of being able to access the best locksmiths at ASAP Locksmith. Contact us today to rekey your car locks and enhance the safety of your vehicle.