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There are many kinds of locks used to keep places and items secure. From standard deadbolt locks to combination locks, there is no shortage of ways to ensure item or property security. Padlocks are one of the most commonly used locks when it comes to keeping items and places safe. Like all locks, though, padlocks can also be vulnerable to damage or break-ins. While your first instinct might be to replace the padlock, you should instead consider taking advantage of padlock rekeying services.

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Your Guide To Padlock Rekeying Services

Padlock rekeying services are only somewhat different from standard rekeying services and can be incredibly beneficial. Here are just a few benefits of using padlock rekeying services:

1. Save Time And Money

Replacing a padlock can be time-consuming, and you might end up spending lots of money on ineffective replacements. Rekeying can keep you from wasting time and money because it will fit your padlock to match a new key effectively. This service is especially useful if you are dealing with a lost or stolen padlock key. If your padlock key is lost or stolen, you can just change the configuration of the pins inside the padlock’s cylinder. Now, if a potential thief tries to open it, they won’t have any luck.

2. Improve Security

Padlock rekeying services are also worth investing in as a simple way to improve security. However, this is possible if you initially invest in a rekeyable padlock. Yes, there are rekeyable padlocks available. With these padlocks, you will have an easier time maintaining the safety and security of your belongings and/or property. Even if a padlock isn’t used for something vital like your backyard fence, it still never hurts to play it safe, even if you are only using a padlock to secure simple valuables. Additionally, you can add pins to a rekeyed padlock, which can make it more secure.

3. Use A Rekeying Kit

Padlock rekeying services can easily be handled with a DIY approach thanks to rekeying kits. Padlocks, like the ABUS 83, can easily be rekeyed with tools from a kit and by following the specific instructions provided. What makes the rekeying process for this kind of padlock different from a standard lock is the presence of a Z bar. This component is found at the bottom of the lock mechanism and is replaced when the rekeying itself is finished. You also have the option to add a pin during the padlock rekeying process. Don’t forget to test the newly rekeyed padlock with its key to see if it works.

Ask About Our Padlock Rekeying Services At ASAP Locksmith!

Rekeying services are prevalent in residential, automotive, and commercial locksmithing. They allow you to save time and money that would otherwise be required to replace the locks, while ensuring the security of your property. As you just learned from this blog, these services are also available for padlocks. You’ve also learned that padlock rekeying services can easily be handled with a DIY approach. However, you may not be the most confident in your abilities to successfully rekey a padlock, and that’s okay.

If you find that you aren’t keen on rekeying your own padlock, you can reach out to a locksmith service to provide assistance. You can find a reliable locksmith by checking out online reviews, and testimonials of services closest to where you live. If you happen to live in Tallahassee, Florida, you can already skip these steps.

That’s because you’ll already have access to our state-of-the-art locksmith services at ASAP Locksmith. Contact us today for our padlock rekeying services. We will ensure your security is stronger than before.