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Mailbox locks make a difference in ensuring your mail isn’t stolen when you are away. You might see mailbox locks in the form of code systems in an apartment complex or even a traditional lock and key situation with a home mailbox. Just like with other locks, mailbox locks are also prone to facing problems. You might be dealing with a worn-out lock or a lock that a potential thief broke. Mailbox lock rekeying is just one potential solution to these problems.

That said, mailbox lock rekeying is not always going to be the go-to solution. Rekeying involves changing the internal configuration of the lock cylinder pins to recognize a new key. Most mailbox locks use a retention pin, meaning that the lock is attached to the mailbox, and rekeying would require taking the structure apart. For this reason, it’s important to explore some alternatives to mailbox lock rekeying that will enhance the security of your mail.

3 Alternatives To Mailbox Lock Rekeying

When it comes to your mail, you want to make sure no one else gets ahold of it, as it can contain a valuable item or sensitive information. While rekeying is a great way to enhance security, it isn’t a viable option for most conventional mailboxes. Keep reading to learn more about the different alternatives to mailbox lock rekeying:

1. Find Out If You Can Get Notifications When Receiving Mail

If you live in an apartment complex, you want to stay on top of retrieving your mail as soon as possible. Some complexes have a system that will notify you when you receive a delivery. However, you may not live in an apartment that uses this system, or the timing of these notifications may not be exact. Luckily, the USPS’s informed delivery system allows you to track your parcels en route, up to the moment of arrival. Taking advantage of tracking services will allow you to promptly pick up your deliveries and leave no room for anyone to potentially steal your mail.

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2. Install A Mailbox Alarm

A mailbox alarm is another way to ensure the safety of your deliveries. These alarms will let you know when your mailbox is opened or accessed. There are many types of mailbox alarms on the market, and some can even be integrated with a greater smart home system. These alarms sometimes also include motion sensors and video cameras, allowing you to see who is accessing your mailbox at any time. The best part? These alarms are typically easy to install.

3. Have The Broken Mailbox Lock Replaced

There’s a good chance you’re currently dealing with a broken mailbox lock. It could have been the result of an attempted robbery, or it may have broken as a result of other extenuating circumstances. The best alternative to mailbox lock rekeying in this case is to have the broken mailbox lock replaced. If you don’t own the mailbox, contact whoever owns it so you can receive the appropriate authorization to have the mailbox lock replaced. The sooner you replace the broken lock, the sooner you can ensure your mail will be safe and secure once again.

Explore Other Mailbox Lock Rekeying Alternatives With ASAP Locksmith!

We hope that this blog has thoroughly informed you about just a few ways to deal with a problematic mailbox lock that doesn’t involve rekeying. When determining the best way to secure your mailbox, assess what kind of mailbox you use to inform which method will make the most sense in the long term. However, there are plenty of other alternatives to mailbox lock rekeying that you should consider. Contact us today, and our ASAP Locksmith team will help you find the best solution to keep your mailbox safe and secure.