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We often get questions about how to get a car key made. Many people wonder why one should go to a locksmith for a new car key. It is not always common knowledge to do so. Instead, people typically go to their dealership for a replacement car key automatically.

Car Key Fob

Why Not Go to Your Dealership?

The short answer is to this question is that your car dealership is going to overcharge you. In this article from consumer reports, they claim that dealership car key replacements and programming will always cost $200 and more. They continue by saying that if it is a transponder or smart key with a plastic fob and computer chip it will cost much more. In fact, they cite that losing the key to your Prius will cost you $600, and a BMW will charge you close to $500; Lexus quoted them for $374 for a new key, fob, and programming job. These prices are way too steep to just have a car key made.

Typically, your car dealership will tell you to come to them for car key replacements as you are buying the car. They will tell you that they are the only way to get the correctly programmed car key. However, this is simply not true. There are several ways to get a product that performs the same for a far undercut price, whether that is buying off-brand and discount or going through your local locksmith.

On the other hand, your locksmith can both cut and program a key for you for less than $150. The mobile locksmiths at Tally Locksmith can get it done on-the-spot in front of your eyes. Our key cutting tools are always with us. We can either work by duplicating another spare key, or, if you have no spare left, then we can program and cut a key from the code and combination in the ignition cylinder.

When to Replace Your Car Key?

Before you go to get a full replacement car key made, make sure it is not a problem with the key’s battery. If you still have your car key, but its reliability or power is fading or stopped try opening the key fob and replacing the watch battery inside. It is a simple process. In fact, here is a separate blog post about how it can be easily done in your own home.

If you have confirmed that the problem is not the car key’s battery, you should get your car key replaced before it goes completely out on you. There are many warning signs that you need a replacement car key.

When your car key’s infrared light is fading, blinking, or losing range, call a locksmith to get a duplicate made from it right away. This is especially the case if you do not have a couple of spare replacement car keys already. Otherwise, it could leave you drastically standard without a way to start your car.

If the key you carry around fails to start your car, it is time to get a new car key made. You can switch to your spare in the moment, but you do not want to wait for something to happen to that one as well.

Contact Your Car Locksmith Now

Call us at (850) 400-6494 for any help with your car key. Tally Locksmith can help with anything to do with locks and keys: automotive, residential, and commercial. Our car locksmiths in Tallahassee can work on your car key or car key fob whether that means replacing your car key with a new spare through key cutting, programming a new fob, or changing out the battery.

In fact, as mobile locksmiths, we can cut and program you a new key right in front of you. We can get you a car key made that is as good as new for far cheaper than what your car dealership will offer. Contact us as soon as you are having trouble. Save yourself from some heartache by getting a new car key made now.