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In order to keep you and your family safe, you need the highest level of security. This can come in the form of a security system with cameras, alarms, and the whole nine yards. It could also be in the form of the most secure door lock. Both will be great security measures to take, but when it comes to choosing which is the most secure door lock, it can be challenging. This blog post will show you the best door locks to make sure your home or commercial property has the security you deserve.

What Is The Most Secure Door Lock?

There are many door locks that can secure your property. You have the forever reliable deadbolt locks, the new keyless locks, and even mortise locks used for commercial properties. So what is the most secure door lock? Well, that is for you to decide. Check out the information below to help make your decision.

Deadbolt Locks

You can never go wrong with deadbolt locks; these locks are so well known thanks to their durability and reliability. It will not be easy to force a door open with these locks, mainly because the bolt extends into the door frame, meaning the door will have to be broken in order to gain access to a home. This, of course, generates noise, which will quickly alert neighbors and passersby.

There are many types of deadbolt locks to safeguard your home, and a Jimmy-proof deadbolt is among the best. The locking plate is attached to the door jam, making it nearly impossible to pry it apart. This door lock is attached to the surface of the door, but mortise locks are a great choice if you’d prefer a lock that is embedded into the door.

Mortise Locks

You can tell that mortise locks offer a high level of security for any door since they are typically used in commercial buildings. A mortise lock is a rectangular box built into the door. There are many parts inside the box, from the key cylinder to the strike plate, ensuring your property remains secure. This allows the door lock to take some abuse in case of an attempted break-in. In addition to being highly durable, these locks can also be stylish, adding some character to your front door.

Keyless Locks

It can be difficult to keep track of your keys, especially if you have a tendency to forget things. Keyless locks are the best option if you want to completely do away with keys. With this, all that is required to access your property is a code or a card. This will not only make keys obsolete, but it will also prevent lock pickers from breaking into your home.

If you choose to purchase a keyless smart lock, this will only make life more convenient. With the help of fingerprint or facial recognition, you can unlock your door using biometric authentication. This means you don’t have to rummage in your pockets or purse for your keys all the time. You can even control and monitor your lock through a smartphone application with a smart lock.

What Is The Most Secure Door Lock?

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