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“Smart” is a word thrown around a lot. Everyone wants to be smart. Every piece of technology wants to be smart. Every company wants to develop smart solutions. It’s a short word, but it means so much in many societies. But some may worry it has lost its meaning or become overused. After all, every latest phone and gadget lately is claimed to be smart by its producers. Your phone is supposed to be intelligent, as is your watch, your doorbell, and even your appliances! Now you can tell a coffee maker to brew your coffee from the comfort of your bed, program your oven to preheat, monitor your property remotely, and much more. But is it worth it to invest in extra smart technology like locks? And what is a smart lock, anyway? We can answer those questions in our informative blog. 

First, What Is a Smart Lock? 

You can’t know if something is worth it unless you know exactly what it is. Thus, we’re going to answer the question, “What is a smart lock?” first. A smart lock is a type of technology that takes advantage of a wi-fi connection or batteries to function. Smart locks often have a keypad or touchpad that allows you to enter a pin to gain entry. Some also have a backup option to use a key in case the power goes out. The fanciest models come with an app that allows you to control your smart lock from your phone. 

What Are the Benefits of Smart Locks? 

No one would buy smart locks if there weren’t any benefits to owning one. There are numerous benefits of smart locks. Here are the top three that we think you’ll want to know: 

1. Smart Locks Are Not Vulnerable to Certain Forms of Tampering 

Traditional lock hardware is tried-and-true. People have been using traditional locks for thousands of years, even before they became marketable commodities. But that doesn’t mean that they are without their disadvantages. Many locks on the market are vulnerable to picking, bumping, and drilling, all techniques commonly used by burglars to gain entry. Even if traditional locks hold up well to these techniques, brute force such as kicking in the door can still be used to bypass them. The average, mid-price locks that are used for many homes today are not as secure as people would believe them to be. 

But smart locks are unique. Because most of them do not have keyholes, picking, bumping, and drilling don’t work. Additionally, the best models on the market can also hold their own against brute force such as kick-ins. That makes them a little more secure than traditional locks. If security is your top priority, you may want to consider a smart lock. 

2. Smart Locks Allow You to Monitor Your Home Remotely 

Are you one of those homeowners who worries constantly when away from home? It’s understandable to want to know what is happening on your property while you aren’t there. With smart locks, you never have to wonder if there is somebody breaking into your home or if someone is prowling suspiciously nearby. You can monitor your property from your smart lock from wherever you are. Some smart locks can even send notifications when they have become compromised. That means you can have peace of mind when you are out traveling. 

A smart lock purchased by someone who learned the answer to the question, "What is a smart lock?"

3. Smart Locks Are Convenient 

Life presents a lot of little challenges. Every day, you have to cope with inconveniences like traffic jams, long lines, and rude people. So why not add a little convenience to your life wherever you can? 

Smart locks are an easy way to add more convenience to your life. If you have a trunk full of groceries, you can unlock your smart lock from the car before you get out and grab your bags. That saves you the hustle of fumbling with keys while your arms are full of milk, bread, cheese, and other miscellaneous food items. Additionally, smart locks allow you to let people in when you are in the middle of a task such as cooking or cleaning, which saves you a trip to the door when you have guests. 

But Are Smart Door Locks Worth It? 

After all this, you still may be wondering, “Are smart door locks worth it?” The answer is yes. It is always worth paying for extra security and convenience if you can afford it. If you do not want a smart lock, we recommend investing in durable traditional locks with an American National Standards Institute Rating of 1. We also recommend you get regular maintenance and repairs to prevent a security breach. 

We Help With Smart Locks and More! 

Hopefully, this blog was able to answer the questions, “What is a smart lock?” and “Are smart door locks worth it?” If you have any questions about what type of smart lock is best for your home, we are happy to help. We also perform maintenance, repairs, and installation for traditional locks. Contact us today to learn more about our services!