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Break-in attempts never cease to exist, no matter how advanced security locks become. Intruders and criminals are always searching for a new way of lock picking and disengaging a home security system for their benefit. Sometimes, they are successful without you noticing that a stranger has been inside your house. It’s scary but entirely possible if the intruder is smart enough to leave no clues behind.

However, there are signs left inside the lock itself that can tell you if it has been tampered with or not. Using these signs, you can determine how soon you need to change the locks!

Signs That Your Lock Has Been Picked

1. The Lock Is Giving You Trouble

If the locks were working just fine a few days ago, but now you are having trouble turning the key, it’s a sign that someone has tried to break in. You are the best judge of your lock’s current situation, so you’ll know how complicated or straightforward key turning should be.

The lock’s function should be able to alert your sixth sense if it has been tampered with. You can look around to find other signs of damage to understand the depth of the situation and call for help as needed.

2. Visible Signs of Damage

Lock picking is not the most efficient skill of all intruders. Most of them are unprofessional people who attempt to pick a lock and leave behind obvious signs of damage. If they try to get through the deadbolts, the metal would be bent or twisted.

Similarly, if they kick down the door, you will notice traces of damage on the door frame and the door. The paint around the lock would also have marks if the intruders loosened the lock and retightened it afterward. If you notice such signs of damage, make sure to call a professional for help right away!

Burglar Picking Door Lock

3. Scratch Marks on the Lock

When they enter someone’s house uninvited, efficient intruders do not leave behind a mess of wood and steel. They pick the lock using lock picking tools, making sure there are no traces of tampering when they leave. However, it’s impossible to commit a crime like that without any evidence!

The small tools that a burglar would use to manipulate the lock leave marks near the keyhole. If the key does not turn quickly like before, check for the scratch marks to see if someone has tampered with the lock.

4. Shiny Metal Edges Make It Hard to Notice

There is a technique that allows burglars to leave no marks at all after their crime. The lock picking technique from the 1900s allows criminals to use a filed-down key to pick the lock and leave no traces.

The standard key has teeth that meddle with the pins inside the lock one by one to open the door without force. If the technique is not used correctly, you will undoubtedly notice some new shiny metal edges near your lock. It will be a sign of tampering that would require an immediate lock replacement.

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We offer emergency locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive services. In case you suspect there are signs that your lock has been picked, give ASAP Locksmith in Tallahassee a call right away.

We will send our professionals to evaluate the situation and advise the best approach for lock replacement. If there has been no tampering, you should still make the intelligent choice and change the locks before it’s too late. Keeping the locks and doors up to date with security standards is essential when it comes to protecting your property. After all, it’s your safe haven so you must do everything to feel safe and secure!