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Rekeying vs changing locks can be a difficult decision to make. Some homeowners believe rekeying is good enough, while others think they have to change their locks entirely. It is essential to know the distinct differences between the two actions and when it’s right to do either.

When you know when it’s time to rekey your locks versus changing the locks, you can live in a safer, more secure home. ASAP Locksmith only wants the best for our customers, which is why education is important when it comes to our services. Our team loves working closely with customers to provide the professional locksmith services they need for their homes.

The rekeying vs changing locks debate is one we are certainly excited to weigh in on. We’ll tell you our professional opinion on when to do either, and we can move from there.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is the process of changing your lock’s cylinders rather than the mechanism. In most locks, cylinders make it easy for homeowners to change their home’s keys when necessary. The lock cylinder can easily be removed from the lock, and a new one can be installed. With the new cylinder comes new keys. Rekeying is faster and more affordable than changing your locks. That said, this process is still safe and recommended for most homeowners.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks

What is Changing Locks?

When you want to change the locks, you replace the entire mechanism rather than the cylinders themselves. This process typically takes longer and is usually always more expensive because the lock is being replaced entirely. Depending on the lock you are changing to, you may also have to drill new holes and add new mortices to the door.

When is Rekeying Appropriate?

Determining rekeying vs changing locks can be difficult, but there are specific situations you must be aware of to maintain your home’s safety and security. Here are the times when you need to rekey your home rather than change the locks:

Moving Into New Home: New homeowners should have their locks rekeyed to keep their homes safe and secure. Older homeowners may still have keys to the property, so rekeying is the best way to keep unwanted guests out.

Lost or Stolen Keys: When you lose your keys, or they are stolen, it is essential you rekey your home. That way, anyone with your old keys can no longer easily access your home.

Evicting Tenets: Property owners who have evicted tenets should rekey the property, especially if keys were not returned. That way, the old tenets cannot access the property, scare away or harm new tenets, or damage the property.

Matching Keys: Your home may have several different keys and locks. Rekeying is a great way to get all of your locks on one key to limit the risk of losing keys and reducing the security of your home.

When Changing Locks is Necessary?

Rekeying vs Changing Locks

Typically, changing locks are performed out of wants rather than necessity. However, there are some situations where your home may benefit from lock changing rather than rekeying. Follow the situations below to help you make a decision:

Upgrades: You should change your locks when you want better locks. High-security and smart lock solutions are great ways to raise the security of your home. The entire lock must be changed since your existing locks will not support such features.

Age: The age of your locks are a reason to change your locks. Older locks are unable to provide the same level of security as modern locks. Thieves can manipulate the age and brittleness of your locks to gain access to your home.

Rekeying vs Changing Locks: Give Us a Call

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