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Are you pleased with your French doors but wish there was a way you could ensure they were extra secure against potential break-ins? Do you just want to be as thorough as possible in regard to home security? The good news is that you can learn how to secure French doors by reading the six tips presented in this blog.

1. Make Sure Your French Doors Fit Perfectly

When planning for French doors, make sure that you measure the doors so that they fit perfectly when installed. The way your French doors are able to fit will ultimately make or break how secure they really are. Ensure the measurements you obtain for your contractor are as precise as possible, and you’ll be successful in one area of how to secure French doors. 

2. Pick Wood That Is Nice And Thick

Nearly all French doors are made of wood, which is very breakable in the face of an intruder and various forces of the natural world. In order to reduce the chances of the wood making your French doors vulnerable, make sure the wood for your French doors is as thick as possible. Even though thicker wood will be more expensive, the security and stylistic benefits will make the additional investment worth it. 

3. Choose The Right Locking Mechanism

To ensure that your French doors are fully secure, you want to find the best locking mechanism possible. The recommended locking mechanism for French doors for maximum security is a three-point or multi-point locking system, especially for double French doors. A three-point locking system includes a deadbolt and metal rods that secure your French doors to the floor and the door frame. With a three-point or multi-point locking system, your French doors will be much harder for intruders to break down. 

how to secure french doors

4. Install Impact-Resistant Windows

For this next part of how to secure French doors, there is one elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: the windows. French doors come with glass windows by the nature of their design. As we all know, however, some glass can be easily smashed, allowing an intruder to reach inward and then unlock your French doors from outside. 

For this reason, you should install strong, impact-resistant windows for your French doors. When window glass is impact-resistant, it means it’s more difficult to shatter and can withstand the wind force of hurricanes. Impact-resistant windows can also be classified as hurricane-rated, reinforced, or laminated glass. Just be careful not to confuse this type of glass with tempered glass. 

5. Use Secure Hinges

Doors cannot properly open and shut without hinges. To make your French doors as secure as possible, make sure you use secure hinges. These hinges should be no less than three inches long and should include a hinge bolt. Screw and stud hinges are also secure options, but a hinge bolt will always be your best bet for how to secure French doors successfully.  

6. Incorporate Elements Of Your Home Security System

The final tip for how to secure French doors is to make sure your home security system includes them. No entry point in your home should function in isolation from your home security system, and this includes your French doors. Make sure that your French doors can also set off the alarm whenever it’s turned on and, if you feel so inclined, install a security camera outside of them, too, in order to discourage intruders. 

Our Locksmiths Know How To Secure French Doors!

Now that you know these six tips for how to secure French doors, you can ensure your home is even more protected than before. However, French doors are not immune to the same lock issues that other door locks encounter, so you’ll need a reliable locksmith to contact whenever that happens. The good news is that our locksmiths at ASAP Locksmith Tallahassee know how to secure French doors. Contact us today to ensure your home security stays intact.