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Traveling is an amazing experience no one should miss out on. Whether you’re going sightseeing in your own country or traveling to an entirely different one, you will likely experience numerous benefits. You’ll become a more well-rounded individual as you try new foods, see new sights, engage in new activities, and perhaps even attempt to speak another language. But as wonderful as traveling is, that does not mean that you should do it lightly. The team at ASAP Locksmith encourages you to be cautious when taking a trip. You could place yourself at risk when traveling in a new place, especially in hotel rooms. Check out our tips on how to secure a hotel room door and protect yourself from intruders. 

1. Purchase a Door Alarm

When you hear a sudden loud noise, how do you react? Likely, you jump out of surprise. Perhaps you might even panic if you are unsure where the noise is coming from and if you need to react. Now, imagine you’re a burglar. You slip a credit card into someone’s door or use a lockpick kit to tamper with the lock. When you attempt to open it, you’re assaulted with a horrendous shrieking. Likely, you’d turn and run the second that screeching starts. The same goes for a real burglar. A noisy alarm is one of the best deterrents against thieves and traffickers. There are a wide variety of portable door alarms on the market that are perfect for traveling, and they are sure to scare away intruders. 

2. Use Door Wedges

You’ve probably seen a door wedge before. They are those small rubber or wooden triangles that you shove in the crack of your door to keep it from moving. They are meant to hold doors open when you are carrying things in and out of a room, but they have another use as well. They can also be used to hold a closed door shut if someone on the other side tries to open it. Simply use one or two at the bottom edge of the door to prevent unwanted intruders from entering. 

A hotel door that the occupant can use to learn how to secure a hotel room door

3. Pick a Secondary Door Lock

Hotel locks are not the most secure ones out there. Thus, you may want to consider purchasing a secondary lock to secure your hotel room door. There are several options for portable door locks, such as one with metal plates and door stoppers. All you have to do is insert the portable lock into the door, and it will prevent intruders from getting in. 

4. Carry Deadbolt Protection 

Many hotel rooms have a deadbolt for added protection. However, deadbolts can easily be picked or bumped. There is a common misconception that deadbolts are enough to protect homeowners, businesses, and travelers. Sadly, these locks are not burglar-proof by any means. That is why you should carry a product like the Lock Locker when you travel. The Lock Locker slides over your deadbolt, preventing anyone from moving it from the outside, even if they have a copy of your key. These products are great when you’re not traveling too! 

5. Bring Some Nylon Rope

Some of the previous security measures do not work if your hotel room door opens outward. For an outward opening door, a nylon rope can be used to protect you from an intruder. Simply fasten one end of the rope to your door, then anchor it by securing it to a solid object like another door or a piece of furniture. This will prevent someone from pulling your door open from the outside. 

Secure a Hotel Room Door and More With ASAP Locksmith! 

We hope our blog on how to secure a hotel room door has been helpful to you. Now, you can feel safe and confident while traveling because you are equipped with new knowledge. All you need to worry about now is securing your home while you are away. Our team at ASAP Locksmith can help with residential services to keep your property secure from burglars. Contact us today to learn more!