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Car theft isn’t as common as it used to be with modern safety measures put in place, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful and take precautions. In 2020, 810,400 cars were stolen. That’s not a small number. Save yourself the hassle of having to deal with insurance claims and police reports by taking steps to prevent car theft.

Keep Your Doors Locked

This seems obvious, but you should always lock your car when leaving it unattended. It’s easy to forget sometimes. Everyone has those moments when they get into the store and wonder if they remembered. However, from now on, we advise you to always double-check whether your car is locked before leaving it.

Park in Well-Lit, High-Traffic Areas

Thieves do not want to be seen, which is why they work quickly and stick to isolated, dark areas. At night, it’s easy to slip up to a car unnoticed and steal it or its parts. That’s why you should always park near street lights or well-lit businesses. The harder it is to avoid running into people or being seen, the less likely it becomes that a thief will want to steal your car. 

Never Keep a Spare Key Near the Vehicle 

Some people worry about getting locked out of their cars, so they keep a spare key. The most common place to put a spare key is underneath the vehicle. Thieves know this, and they will always check for one near or around the vehicle. The thought of getting locked out of your car is frustrating, but you should never keep a spare key where a criminal can access it. In the event you get locked out of your car, an emergency locksmith can implement an easy solution. However, there are no easy ways to deal with car theft.

Keep Your Windows Closed

You should never leave your car’s windows open, even a little bit. Thieves will work with whatever you give them. If you leave your window open a crack, they’ll reach in and take any items within reach. If you leave the window open more than that, they’ll gain access to your whole car and drive off. Always leave your windows closed when your car is unattended. 

A thief breaks into the car of a victim who doesn't know how to prevent car theft.

Do Not Leave Anything Valuable in Your Car

Items of value tempt thieves to break into cars. Things like your cell phone, watch, and cash are all things criminals are looking for when browsing the parking lot. If you need to take valuables with you, stash them in the trunk before traveling to your destination. Don’t do this in the parking lot where a thief can see you hide them.

Use Anti-Theft Devices 

Remember how we mentioned modern technology at the beginning? That’s because it’s one of the biggest theft deterrents. There are plenty of anti-theft devices out there to help keep your car safe, such as: 

Car Alarms 

Using a car alarm is a classic and simple way to deter thieves. They blare a loud, shrieking noise when someone starts messing around with your vehicle to break in. Thieves strive not to draw attention to themselves and get in and out of situations quickly, so an alarm should scare them off.

GPS Tracking Devices

Another great way to deal with car theft is by installing a GPS tracking device. A GPS tracking device won’t prevent your car from getting stolen, so it’s best to combine one with other security measures. In the event those security measures fail, you’ll be able to help police track your car down.

Tire Clamp 

Thieves don’t always want to steal your entire vehicle. Sometimes they just want to strip it for parts. One of the most targeted areas on your car is the wheels. Thieves will sell them for scrap money or to a collector if your wheels and rims are rare. A tire clamp locks your rim and wheel in place so a thief can’t carry it off. 

Steering Wheel Lock

Without steering, how can a thief steal your car? The answer is that they can’t. That’s why it’s helpful to invest in a steering wheel lock, which holds this part of your car immobile.

Brake Locks

The same concept that applies to steering wheel locks applies to brake locks. A thief can’t drive your car away if they’re unable to operate basic functions. A brake lock is a huge deterrent for thieves, though it won’t prevent criminals from taking your valuables or other parts of your car. 

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