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Traveling is one of the most rewarding and fun things you can do. You get the chance to taste unique food, expand your horizons, educate yourself about other cultures, and see new sights. Unfortunately, however, traveling comes with certain risks. You shouldn’t be afraid to leave your state or country, but you should be aware of potential dangers and plan carefully when you do decide to take a trip. Learn how to keep yourself safe while traveling with these 9 tips: 

1. Research the Area You’re Visiting 

Learn all you can about the area you’re going to visit. This means checking out travel guides, reading reviews on local hospitality options, and checking crime statistics. You should be aware of any previous incidents in the area such as theft so you can plan to avoid hot spots for crime. Additionally, learn where the local police stations are located and jot down the numbers in case you do run into an emergency. 

2. Stay Inconspicuous 

This might seem harmless, but we encourage you not to be an obvious traveler. Any local criminals like pickpockets will be drawn to you if they know you’re unfamiliar with the area. Dress casually, and be careful to select someone trustworthy when asking for directions. 

3. Copy Sensitive Information Before Leaving 

It’s important to know exactly what sensitive documentation you’re taking with you when you go on a trip. Make note of everything, noting which passports, credit cards, and other sensitive items you’re packing. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s missing if you do become the victim of a theft. Also, make sure to copy down the important information like credit card numbers before leaving, as this makes it easier when reporting a crime to your bank. 

A passport, sunglasses, and compass of someone who is learning how to keep yourself safe while traveling

4. Make Sure Your Phone is Password-Protected 

Did you know almost half of phone owners don’t use a password? That’s a huge security risk. Phones contain a lot of personal information, such as phone numbers, passwords for other devices, credit card numbers, etc. If someone steals your phone, they then have access to all of that sensitive information. Make sure to create a password for your phone and keep close track of this smart device to ensure no one slips it from your bag or pocket. 

5. Up Your Hotel Room Security 

You can’t always trust hotels to be safe. This is especially true because multiple people have access to your room, including managers and members of the cleaning crew. To prevent unwanted intruders, purchase a door wedge and special locks so no one can easily open your door. Additionally, do not store your valuables in hotel safes. These are notoriously simple to break into, and once again, multiple people have access to it. Instead, purchase a cut-resistant portable safe

6. Don’t Post Information About Your Trip Online 

Burglars do a lot of research before they choose a house to steal from, and most of them live within two miles of the location they break into. That means one of your neighbors, acquaintances, or co-workers could be a criminal without you knowing it! That being said, it’s important not to post information about your whereabouts on social media for the world to see. If people know you’re gone, they can plan a heist. As tempting as it is, wait until you get back until you start sharing photos and telling people about your vacation. 

A group of traveling friends considers sharing on social media, one of the things you shouldn't do when you're learning how to keep yourself safe while traveling

7. Stay Away From Public Wi-Fi 

Public wi-fi is not secure. That means if you hook up to it, you’re vulnerable to hackers and information thieves. But don’t be discouraged. That doesn’t mean you can’t access the internet while traveling. All you have to do is purchase a portable router and find an airport kiosk that sells local SIM cards. 

8. Make Sure Someone Trusted Knows About Your Trip 

You should never go anywhere without telling a trusted friend or family member where you are. Share your itinerary with a loved one. This is important in case something does happen to you. While we certainly hope you won’t run into any issues traveling, it is important to think ahead. 

9. Plan Ahead For Mail 

Earlier, we mentioned many burglars know their victims. However, many other burglars are criminals of opportunity. They see a chance to make a quick profit, and they take it. Mail piling up at your home is a huge signal that no one is home. That means someone is more likely to break into your home. Someone also might steal important documents from your mailbox if you let them accumulate. Make sure to have a loved one pick up your mail or call the post office and have them stop delivery until you get back. 

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