You may be wondering how to install door locks for your home. Well, this process can be broken up into a handful of steps. ASAP Locksmith understands DIYers like to perform the job themselves, and we believe they should have the resources to do it effectively.

Of course, anyone may want to know how to install door locks. You could be new at door projects, or you may just want to save some money. We understand. Simultaneously, contacting ASAP Locksmith for a new lock installation is not as expensive you might think. You can always give us a call for a free over-the-phone estimate before you make your final decision.

If you do go with installing it yourself, then follow the steps below:

1. Measure

You want to ensure your new door locks fit well on your existing door. Typically, you can look at the same brand and find a new lock in no time. If you are changing lock brands or you want to switch types of locks, you need to measure the door to get the right measurements.

You need to measure the door in three different areas: the width of the bolt hole, the width of the doorknob hole, and the distance between the door jamb to the center of the doorknob hole.

measuring how to install door locks

2. Shop

The next step is to find a new lock that fits your door. The three measurements you took will help you. Typically, looking at locks of the same brand will help your endeavors. Of course, you may be looking to upgrade your lock, so finding it could be more challenging.

Choosing a different sized lock can affect the installation process. You may need to make new holes or adjust the dimensions of the door. In any case, you are going to do more work when changing the dimensions of the lock. So, you’ll need to use a different how to install door locks guide.

3. Start With the Bolt

Learning how to install door locks is relatively easy. Once you have your lock, start by screwing the bolt into place. The bolt should sit flush against the door’s notch and shouldn’t obstruct the door jamb. Locks typically come with the hardware to install them, so use the screw provided. Once inserted, the bolt’s end should be centered in the doorknob hole.

how to install door locks plates

4. Install the Plates

After your bolt is installed snuggly into the door, use the longer screws to attach the plates. Ensure you attach the plates on the right side. This means the keyhole should be outside the door, while the lock knob should be on the inside. Use a drill or screwdriver to attach the plates. That is all you need to know on how to install door locks.

Now You Know How to Install Door Locks

Now that you know how to install door locks, you can get to work. As you can see, the process is easier than what you might have realized. Of course, it is not always easy. It really varies on the type of lock you have and the lock you want to upgrade to.

If you are upgrading to a lock that may complicate your door lock installation process, contact ASAP Locksmith. Our mobile locksmith team can provide you with a professional and fast lock installation service. 

Those not wanting to upgrade their lock can change their lock cylinders with the rekeying process. Rekeying is a safe and affordable way of changing the lock cylinder and, in turn, the key. Old keys will no longer lock on the new locks. This is an excellent option for when you lose your keys or they are stolen.

Contact ASAP Locksmith to learn more about what we can do for your home. Let us rekey your locks or install them for you. Receive a free estimate by calling (850) 400-6494. You can also visit our residential locksmith services to learn more about what we can do for your home.