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With the various locks on the market, from deadbolt locks to smart locks, it is easier than ever before to ensure your property remains secure. Each lock offers unique features that make our homes and commercial property ready for anything. Electromagnetic door locks are locks that you might not be familiar with. However, they will ensure the safety of your property, and may even provide better results than other locks. Learn how electromagnetic door locks work to see if they are best for you.

How Do Electromagnetic Door Locks Work

Electromagnetic door locks are locking mechanisms made up of an armature plate and an electromagnet. Electromagnets are a type of magnet that uses an electric current to produce a magnetic field. Armature plates are high-quality ferromagnetic plates that allow electromagnets to attach to one another. 

This locking device is controlled by electromagnetism, which creates an electric current allowing the door to open and close. When the electromagnet is energized, the armature plate becomes attracted to it. This attraction is so strong that it cannot be brought apart unless the electromagnet loses its power. These locks can be opened by pushing a buzzer switch or by using an access control system. An access control system requires a PIN code, card, or fingerprint to unlock the door.

Thanks to the strength and durability of electromagnetic door locks, any door with them can withstand a lot of pressure and secure any building or room. This is one of the many reasons why electromagnetic door locks are widely used. You will find these door locks used in commercial buildings.

Types of Electromagnetic Door Locks

Now that you know what an electromagnetic door lock is, we can easily inform you about the two types of magnetic door locks that are available. Learn what these two offers are below to see if they resonate with what you want for your commercial property.

Electric Strike Door Locks

The first type of electromagnetic door lock we’d like to discuss is the electric strike door lock. These locks are often installed on the inside of the door frame and used with either a lock set or panic bar. Thanks to the electrical current going through the strike plate, the latch or bolt is held in place keeping the door locked.

Electric strike door locks are mainly fail-secure. This means they require power to unlock the door. If there is ever a power outage, the door will remain locked.

Magnetic Strike Door Locks

A magnetic strike door lock, or mag lock, is a metal plate and an electromagnet that is usually mounted at the top of the door frame. By passing an electric current through the electromagnet, a magnetic charge is created. This charge tightly holds the plate against the door frame, locking the door until the electricity is turned off.

Unlike an electric strike door lock, these locks are fail-safe. This means they require power to lock the door. If this power is ever lost, the door will become unlocked.

How Do Electromagnetic Door Locks Work

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With the information above, you no longer need to wonder “how do electromagnetic door locks work”. You now have a clear understanding of what this lock is, how it operates, and where it is used. If you think an electromagnetic lock is the right door lock for you, there are two types to choose between.

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