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When you lose your car key, or it stops working, it’s time for a car key replacement. That is where ASAP Locksmith can help. Our team of professional technicians can help replace and reprogram a new car key for you. We work with most major makes and models, so don’t worry if your vehicle is serviceable. 

You may be curious about the types of keys our team can replace. Well, we have created a comprehensive of the types of car key replacements we can complete. If you have questions or concerns about your type of key, give us a call. We can address any questions or concerns regarding your key over the phone.

Traditional Keys

Traditional car keys don’t use any type of chip or electrical feature to operate your vehicle. It works very much like a house key. You insert the blade into the ignition, and you turn it. These keys are no longer paired with modern vehicles since they offer zero safety features or protection against thieves.

If you have a traditional key, give our team a call for a car key replacement. We are likely able to replace the key or duplicate it in a matter of minutes.

Transponder Keys

transponder car key replacement

Transponder keys were introduced in the 80s and 90s to stop the rampant automotive thefts. The key was successful in doing so because of the technology found inside. Transponder keys work with a chip embedded into the head of the key. The chip sends a signal to the vehicle’s receiver. When the receiver obtains the signal, it removes the ignition block for the key to turn. 

This is one of the most common types of keys, and future iterations are very similar to its original technology. If the battery in your transponder key dies, it will not turn in the ignition. This is due to the key not being able to send the code to the receiver. If this happens to you or you simply lose the key, give us a call for a car key replacement.

Remote Head Key

The remote head key looks very similar to a transponder key. It has a single key blade with usually a black head or handle. However, the part of the head or handle includes two or three buttons that can remotely perform various functions for the vehicle. 

Essentially, a remote head key is a mix between the transponder key and car key fob. The most common types of buttons found on a remote head key include lock controls, panic buttons, and a trunk opener. When your remote head key fails to work the next time you use it, don’t fret. Our car key replacement services will help!

Switchblade Key

Switchblade Car Key Replacement

Switchblade keys use the same technology as transponder keys but look drastically different. Their form factor takes a different approach than the transponder because of how its blade works. The switchblade key has a blade that folds in and out of the handle. Within the handle, it houses a few buttons that would be found on that of a remote head key or fob. This is one of the most recent designs for car keys but has still been around for quite some time.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are made from the most recent technologies, which operate differently than those found in transponder keys. With smart keys, they house an abundance of information customized to the driver. It is only transmitted to the vehicle’s many antennas when it reaches certain proximity. Once the vehicle receives the signal, it will unlock the door, adjust the steering wheel, adjust the seat, and more. 

Of course, not all smart keys work to this degree.  Most only lock and unlock the door when in a certain range. Others may have these more advanced custom settings. Smart keys also have push buttons for ignitions rather than a physical key blade. The vehicle is capable of detecting the presence of the key in the car, which allows you to start the vehicle.

Receive a Car Key Replacement Today

When your car key fails you or you lose it, give our team a call for a car key replacement. You shouldn’t have to wait until it turns up or hopes it starts working. Instead, receive affordable car key replacement services by professional locksmiths at any time of the day or night. Give us a call at 850-400-6494 or visit our car locksmith page for more details.