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According to The Zebra, a break-in occurs every 26 seconds in the United States. This adds up to 2.5 million annual break-ins, with half of those being home intrusions. This is a staggering number of break-ins and a frightening statistic, especially when you begin to wonder about the chances of it happening to you. While not every break-in can be prevented, no matter how much security you have or preventative measures you’ve put in place, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done about it. Like burglars who case out homes for break-in potential, you can think ahead and realize common methods intruders use to enter homes. 

Luckily, tons of research shows common methods intruders have used to gain entry into homes. This is extremely beneficial to the average homeowner who wants to know how they can remain intruder-free. Below are several methods intruders use to enter homes. 

Secure Your Doors

As asinine as it might sound, some criminals will simply waltz through front doors to gain access to a home. Despite it being the main entry into a home, most homeowners don’t consider that burglars will take the easiest method to break into a home. Because it is the primary entry point for your home, you should keep it as safe as possible. This can be done by upgrading locks, installing deadbolts, and installing a smart door system, such as a keypad lock or video doorbell. Ensuring your front door is intruder-proof will give you peace of mind both when you’re home and when you’re not. 

Check Your Windows

burglar climbing through window

Alongside doors, windows are also a common method intruders use for entry. Aside from simply making sure the lock on your window is locked, there are other things to ensure. Some questions to ask yourself include: 

  • Is the window ledge wide enough to support an intruder as they climb through the window? 
  • Is there a nearby structure like piping or a gutter that can allow an intruder to climb? 
  • Are there any rotting window frames that could compromise security?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider some alternatives to improve your home security. If you do have rotting window frames, replacing them with a more robust option is a safe bet. Furthermore, consider improving the locking mechanism on your windows if you don’t feel secure with the current mechanism. 

Secure Your Garage

The next point of entry an intruder might use is your garage. This is an especially appealing part of the home as it could house cars and other valuable, expensive items such as landscaping tools, food, and much more. This is a more accessible entrance for burglars when there’s a service door into the garage. As mentioned above, upgrading the locks, installing deadbolts, and even a smart door system can make this entrance immediately more difficult to access. 

As for your garage, CCTV and a garage door code are excellent methods to keep intruders out and keep your belongings safe. Additionally, smart floodlight options are also available on the market and act as a great deterrent for burglars, especially at nighttime. Consider an alarm system if you don’t want to shine bright lights on the intruder. 

Stash Your Spare Keys

Stash spare keys

Obvious garden sculptures, flower pots, or lawn furniture may be convenient places for you to store spare keys, but that also means they are convenient places for intruders to check. When you stash your spare keys somewhere on your property, ensure it’s a smart place, like inside your backyard grill, in a well-hidden key safe, or somewhere difficult to reach. Furthermore, keeping a spare key with a highly trusted neighbor, friend, or family member is another sound option. 

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