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Here at ASAP Locksmith, we often get the question, “Can a locksmith make a car key?” We always answer with, “Of course!” Creating new car keys for clients is one of our primary services. Our mobile key-cutting services can create a brand new key for your vehicle. We can also reprogram a new transponder key or a smart key for your car.

Our car keys services are comprehensive and meet the demand our clients set forth. Our technicians are equipped with the right training, tools, and experience the create a new key for your vehicle. They can also create keys for your home and office. Our mobile locksmith services are flexible and professional.

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key?

Yes! We can make a wide range of car keys for your vehicle. Below, you can find a full list and short descriptions for each of the keys we can create.

Traditional Keys

These keys are easy to duplicate as they do not have any electronics to them. Traditional keys were very popular before transponder keys were introduced. Our team can duplicate your original key with our without it. 

Transponder or Chip Keys

These keys were introduced in the late ‘80s and ‘90s to reduce the amount of theft among vehicles. Transponder keys or chips keys have a chip within the head of the key, which talks to the receiver in the car. Once the signal is detected, the ignition can be turned by the key.

Remote Head Keys

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key

Remote head keys combine transponder keys with fobs. Fobs are typically paired with transponder keys and feature buttons for the door locks and a panic button. The remote head key has these buttons in the head of the key along with the chip.

Switchblade Keys

Switchblade keys are similar to remote head keys in that they combine fobs with transponder keys. However, the blade of the key folds into the head like a switchblade. This makes the head of the key more like a fob rather than a standard key.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are a recent development in car keys and operate similarly to transponder keys. The vehicle will have several antennas within it to detect the key. Once the key is close enough, the car doors will unlock, and the car can be started.

Mobile Key-Cutting Services

Now that you know the answer to “can a locksmith make a car key,” contact our team today. The keys listed above are only a fraction of what our team can service. We also offer key-cutting services for other types of keys. If you have lost or broken a key, then let our team replace it for you. Our professional technicians will assist in duplicating the key with or without the original. Give our team a call today for 24-hour emergency locksmith services.