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There are several different locksmith kits out there for you to purchase and use as you see fit. Many look to these kits to save money and time when they lock themselves out of their house or car. In those cases, a locksmith kit is a bit more tricky. ASAP Locksmith understands you want to save time and money, but a locksmith kit is not the best method.

Before you purchase one of the $30 to $50 locksmith kits on Amazon, there are a handful of things you must consider before you checkout. We have outlined a handful of aspects of locksmith kits you should know about. Continue reading to see if a locksmith kit is right for you.

Complex Use

Before you pick yourself up a locksmith kit, consider its complexity. Locksmith kits are perfect for those who want to get into lockpicking as a hobby. However, those looking for practical use will need time to learn about the process. You cannot expect to unlock a locked car door or house the day you need it. You have to learn how to use the tools in the kit, so it becomes effective later on.

Not to mention, using the kit on a door lock compared to a car lock is completely different. These locks operate differently, making the process to open them different. Sure, you can purchase a learning kit or watch several videos, but you’ll never be an expert.

Locksmith Kits are not practical

Not All Lockouts Are Solvable

The scenarios in which your locksmith kits are applied should be considered. Not all locks are capable of being picked. The most common lock in the world, the pin tumbler, is the most commonly picked lock. However, your car lock isn’t a pin tumbler lock. If you have a smart lock or high-security lock on your home, lockpicking wouldn’t be an option.

Of course, if you have a smart lock or high-security lock, you likely can’t lock yourself out. These types of locks often have features that allow an additional access option, such as a keypad or phone application. Based on the application, locksmith kits are unnecessary.

Where do you store it?

Ask yourself where you are going to store your locksmith kit. Depending on the type of kit you get, you could put it in your purse or wallet. However, not all kits are this small or practical. In those cases, you may need to find a safe place to store your kit. This could be your car or home. When your store it in those places, you can expect some problems.

When you store your locksmith kit in the car, it serves as a problem when you lock your keys in the car. You may have done all the training to know how to unlock your car door, but it isn’t possible now because your kit is locked inside with your keys. Sure, you could store it in your home, but what if your car is at work or a friend’s place?

storing locksmith kits

As you can see, storing your locksmith kit serves to be a problem since it can be difficult to know where exactly it should be stored. The same situation can occur to you storing it at your home. You lock yourself out of the house, and the kit is left inside along with it. You may consider an outdoor location, but that puts the kit at risk of getting damaged from the elements. Furthermore, if a thief finds them and knows how to use the tools, you’d basically be handing them the keys to your home.

Locksmith Kits Are Not Worth It

In summary, locksmith kits are not worth your time or money. Instead, you should have a professional locksmith unlock your car or house. If you have a loved one with an additional key, ask them if they can bring it to you. These are better solutions than what a locksmith kit provides. For more information on our locksmith services, visit our residential and car locksmith pages.