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There way more types of door locks than just five. However, we wanted to discuss some of the most prominent and important door locks out there. The locks we have listed here are common or offer various features that you would benefit from. Many of the locks on this list you have heard of, but it is essential you know as many aspects about them as possible.

As we go through this list, we will also discuss the specific features and functions of these locks. Overall, you’ll be able to make a conclusion on various aspects of these door locks, such as whether to use them in your own home or not. So, here are just five types of door locks explained:

1. Doorknob Locks

As the most common type of lock, doorknob locks can be found all over the world. Your home is undoubtedly the one place that has doorknob locks. They can be found in interior and exterior settings. Their versatility and affordability make them extremely popular.

Most doorknob locks use a lock system known as a pin tumbler. This type of system is the most common in the world. Pin tumbler locks are used in all types of settings. Even though pin tumbler locks are the most common system used, they are not the safest.

Pin tumblers can easily be manipulated by skilled thieves. Tumbler locks are susceptible to being lock bumped or picked. These methods can give thieves access to your home, which is the last thing you want for your home’s safety.

doorknob door locks

2. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are also one of the most common door locks in the world. It is often paired with doorknobs on the front door to increase the security and safety of the home. Deadbolts come with various different systems, such as single and double cylinder designs.

Double cylinder designs offer higher levels of protection for your home. For this reason, we recommend choosing a double cylinder design. This system should also be paired with your doorknob lock on the front door.

3. Padlocks

Padlocks are not often seen used as simple door locks, but they can be found for gates, sheds, toolboxes, storage units, and more. Most of the time, these types of locks are used for exterior areas because of the durability they have against the elements.

rusty padlock door locks

You have some options when it comes to padlocks. They come in a standard version and a circular design. Standard padlocks are typical and come in a rectangular shape. Circular padlocks offer more protection because they are harder to break into. These padlocks are thicker, which is one reason they offer more excellent protection.

4. Hand Lever Locks

Hand lever door locks are common interior door options. They are usually found on the bedroom, bathroom, and other interior doors. They feature a lever handle that can be locked from one side. These types of locks don’t provide much protection and should not be used for your front or back door locks.

5. Electronic Locks

The term “electronic door locks” is an inclusive term and encompasses a lot of different locks. Generally, electronic door locks are any locks that do not require a key to enter. Common types of locks include keypad locks and smart locks.

Smart locks have recently grown in popularity because of the growth of smart homes. Most electronic door locks connect to phones via Bluetooth or wireless internet. You can unlock and lock your door with a push of a button on your phone. These types of locks are some of the most secure and add a lot of convenience to your life.

smart door lock being unlocked from phone

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