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There has always been a mystique surrounding secret doors. These captivating doors can lead to hidden rooms and secret passageways, adding an element of surprise and excitement to any home or building. Secret doors are made possible thanks to locksmiths who have a mind for security and design. In this blog, we’ll explore four types of secret doors available and the history behind these fascinating doors.

The History of Secret Doors

Secret doors have been around for much longer than you may think. In fact, one of the earliest known uses of secret doors was in temples and tombs in ancient Egypt. These doors were used to protect valuable items and provide escape routes for important figures.

During the medieval era, secret doors were commonly used in castles as a means of escape or as a way to surprise and ambush enemies. Many castles were built with secret passages and hidden rooms that could be used to flee in the event of an attack or to launch surprise attacks on anyone invading the castle.

Even during the Prohibition era, secret doors were used in speakeasies as a way to hide illegal alcohol. Today, they can be used in homes and offices to provide added security and privacy, or they can simply add a touch of intrigue and excitement to a space. You can learn about the different types of secret doors below.

4 Types of Secret Doors

There are many different types of secret doors, ranging from bookcase doors and mirror doors to panel doors and secret staircases. Some secret doors seamlessly blend into walls, while others are disguised as everyday objects, like the classic bookshelf doors. Here is a special look into four of these incredible doors:

Bookcase Doors

Bookcase doors are a classic secret door that we’ve all seen in movies.  This transforms an ordinary bookcase into a secret door that can reveal anything from a secret passageway to a hidden room. Typically, there is a hidden latch or even a book that you can press or pull to open the bookcase door. This is the go-to option for a secret door in case you want something that hides in plain sight.

Mirror Doors

Mirror doors are also lovely options that see an ordinary full-length mirror lead to a secret room. This door is hinged, allowing it to swing open like a regular door under the guise of a mirror. This kind of hidden door is ideal for a bedroom or dressing room.

Panel Doors

Another great option is a panel door that seamlessly blends into a wall. To open it, simply press or pull the panel to reveal what lies behind the door. This type of secret door is adaptable and can be customized to match your room.

Secret Staircases

The last of the four types of secret doors we’d like to discuss is a secret staircase. These staircases can be an excellent addition to a home, providing access to an upper level or basement while saving valuable floor space. They can also be used as a means of escape during an emergency.

Types of Secret Doors

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