Perhaps surprisingly, approximately 16,000 home and car lockouts occur in the U.S. each day. It’s always best to be prepared, no matter how unlikely you think getting locked out of your property might be. To prepare yourself for the most unlikely outcome, top locksmiths recommend having spare keys on standby. Obtaining spare keys is something many people don’t tend to have very high on their priority list, but it’s a very simple task to complete, especially considering how fast the service takes. To prevent possible lockouts or other unfortunate situations, consider getting spare keys. 

Here are the most essentials reasons for you to have spare keys. 

Prevent Possible Lockouts

The most obvious reason to get spare keys for your home or car is to prevent the possibility of a lockout. One of the best ways to ensure you don’t get locked out is to have a spare key. Spare keys can help you in a number of ways. If you get locked out of your home while you’re outside, lose your key, or have a situation where your key broke, having a spare will allow this to become a non-issue. 

However, a spare key is only as good as where you put it. There are many places and people to leave a spare key with. People you could leave it with include a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend. As for places, it’s important to put it somewhere safe and where a burglar isn’t likely to check. These include a key safe, in your backyard grill, in a small lockbox, under a loose brick in your landscaping, or under the foot of a chair on your patio. 

Spare keys

Easier Access for Friends and Family

The most predominant reason why you might get spare keys is to prevent lockouts, but having multiple spares is also great for giving friends and family access to your home or car. This is especially useful if you rent out your property as an Airbnb. Furthermore, if you have gone on vacation or are away from home for several days, having spare keys available to give your housesitter while you’re away is especially helpful. Having spare keys even allows better time management for yourself so that you don’t have to be home to let others into your home. 

Of course, beware of who you give spare keys to. Ensure the person is someone you trust. Furthermore, if your relationship changes with the person you gave a spare key to, get the key back from them to maintain the safety of your property. 

Easier Key Replacement

Copying your spare key is not only easier with a spare key on standby, but it’s also cheaper, too. Having a spare key allows locksmiths to more easily create a duplicate in the event you lose, break, or damage the original key. It also means you have a replacement available if something happens to the original key and you’re not able to call a locksmith out at the time of the incident. 

Professional Tallahassee, FL Locksmiths

Keeping your property safe should be your number one priority. A professional locksmith is your best option when it comes to keeping your property secure and safe. A skilled locksmith can assist you with installing locks and hardware that will result in a safer home. Additionally, we can evaluate the level of current safety in your residence. Our mobile locksmiths in Tallahassee, FL, can always travel to your location, 24 hours a day or night, and offer you quick and professional services. If you’re looking to get spare keys made, contact ASAP Locksmith of Tallahassee today.